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Sunday, 28 April 2013 13:13

ONE week has passed since Nomination Day. You should know their faces by now. They've been shaking hands with you and your neighbours in the markets, speaking at ceramahs in the humid nights. Their days are long. No doubt that's what happens during any campaigning period.


One week left to Election Day, a day of national reckoning. Have your candidates shown promise? More than a practised smile, have they displayed a spine? More than a show-and-tell, can they Do? Look beyond the threats and fear-mongering in silly ads. We need statesmen - people who posses unbending Integrity, Accountability, Stewardship, Transparency and Empathy. Put them in Parliament and State Assemblies and the fears will naturally subside.

Here is the latest installment of qualities that matter.










Let's play our part in remaking Malaysia.


Vote for substance over style. Vote for states(wo)men, not politicians.

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Jane e |2013-05-01 21:22:54


Melbourne people have voted, and it is a landslide victory for Pakatan Rakyat according to an exit poll by SABM Melbourne.
Full exit poll results at
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