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Tuesday, 27 October 2020 20:24

NGOs left to supervise Covid -19 patients on Sabah island

Malaysiakini, 27 October 2020


Activists with the Iskul Sama DiLaut Omadal (Omadal Bajau Laut School) have found themselves supervising quarantine for at least nine Covid-19 patients in the stateless communities of Pulau Omadal.

Iskul is a community-based school for the stateless children of the Bajau Laut community in Pulau Omadal, Semporna, Sabah. Now that Covid-19 has penetrated the communities where they are active, the school is also doing their bit in the fight against the pandemic.


Iskul co-founder Chuah Ee Chia said that while free Covid-19 screening is offered for both Malaysians and stateless communities in the area, many are scared to go to the hospitals for treatment. The free screening is offered by Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia as well as the district health office.


“They are afraid to go to the hospital. The ideal solution would be to set up a quarantine centre in SK Omadal with proper medical volunteers to help monitor their situation,” Chuah told Malaysiakini.

Source: Malaysiakini

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